Use brand-led innovation and experience design to accelerate a carbon-neutral society.


Penny Black engages its partners to question how their company’s futures can be made better, to identify strategies that build and future-proof the organisation, and of course, realise long term growth in a more sustainable, regenerative way.

After all, there is no Planet B. We must replenish and reuse what we already have, and whilst doing so explore potential renewable sources of income and influence. We must reform our ways of business, to be ethically healthier and environmentally justifiable.


Penny Black provides foresight into trends within your company’s remit — be they economic, environmental or social, that may affect your organisation.

We devise and employ regenerative concepts that shift the paradigm away from the shareholder-centric strategic model towards more sustainable mission-centric strategies, such as redevelopment and reinvestment.

Using design-led initiatives, we address the need for a rebalance between production and waste within your company’s digital products and services.

And by collaborating with your organisation, we’ll influence your users (consumers, clients, and workforce) to make better choices in order to play their own part towards a carbon-neutral society.


The main reason for any undertaking is not the what or how, but why your company must adopt change to become sustainable.

Answer this, does your business provide a service that, should it stop, the world would be worse off because of it? Does your brand meet the needs of current users whilst at the same time allowing for future generations to have their potential needs met?

Future generations will be more ecologically self aware than those that came before, and your company must be cognisant of this. Your organisation must renew, repair and reuse, so that there are enough resources for the future. This is where Penny Black comes in.

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Penny Black is a sustainable transformation company.

The Penny Black stamp of 1840 was the first postage stamp with a uniform value, allowing for a massive communication uptake throughout the UK, and paving the way for reform on many levels. A stamp of change.

If decision makers create value for their organisation by picking the best available options, then these choices can be reformed, or redesigned, to be better suited for each project.

At Penny Black, established 2009, we know that everything about an organisation is designed. From marketing strategies and financial modelling, to supply chain logistics and human resources structures — everything must follow the process of ideation, design, realisation.

And while it might seem outside its standard province, all strategies have design characteristics. So if we are creating policies and plans by design, then we ought to be really good at designing them.