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Use the power of play to accelerate the transition to a seriously playful carbon-neutral future.

Penny Black engages its partners to question how their company's futures can be made better, to identify strategies that build and future-proof the brand, and of course, realise long-term growth in a more sustainable, regenerative way.There is no Planet B. We must replenish and reuse what we already have, and whilst doing so explore potential renewable sources of income. We must reform our ways of business, to be more sustainable and environmentally justifiable.


Play is the engine that powers transformation for organisations to uncover, question and express complex ideas for everyone to understand.

Driving and understanding patterns. Integrate and act via core business practices. Brand-led change is central to ESG innovation. Brand value is both integral and actionable.

Penny Black was established in 2009 to steer organisations toward environmental and social reform so that they can put environmentalism and sustainability into action, and play a pivotal role in protecting and restoring the world's resources.

At Penny Black, we think that everything about an organisation should be brand-led. Environmental, social and governance performance metrics, strategic direction and transformation all need to align with your company’s core values — everything must follow the brand. A concrete data-driven approach prioritises material factors and ensures the best path to low-risk growth.Penny Black provides foresight into trends within your company’s remit — be they economic, environmental or social. We help find and solve problems, and devise regenerative concepts that shift the paradigm away from shareholder-centric strategic models towards more sustainable mission-centric strategies.Our brand-led initiatives, in collaboration with your organisation and its key stakeholders, guide decision making that will lead to a sustainable and profitable future. After all, brand-guided companies significantly outperform their competitors.

The main reason for any undertaking is not the what or how, but why your company must adopt change.Answer this: does your business provide a service that, should it stop, the world would be worse off because of it? Does your brand meet the needs of current users whilst at the same time allow for the needs of future generations? Your brand must create or preserve value for itself and society, be that economically, environmentally or societally.

The Stamp Of Change


Because future generations will be more ecologically self-aware than those that came before, and your company must be aware of and act upon this knowledge. Your organisation must renew, repair and reuse, so that there are enough resources in future.Decision makers create value for their organisation by picking the best options available to them, options that again must be reused, reframed or redesigned to be better suited for each new project. This is where Penny Black comes in.

“To start out by ‘playing’ develops courage, leads in a natural manner to an inventive way of building and furthers the... facility of discovery.” 

– Josef Albers

Penny Black is a transformation company

Penny Black was established in 2009 to steer organisations toward environmental reform — to be better versed in the modern attitudes toward environmentalism and sustainability, and play a pivotal role in protecting and restoring the world's resources.

We take our name and inspiration from the Penny Black stamp of 1840, which was the first postage stamp with a uniform value. This stamp transformed the postal system and paved the way for reform on many levels. Some called it the stamp of change.

We believe that reform allows for organisations to be in constant shift, forever in “beta mode” — you are allowed to make mistakes to learn from them — to explore new avenues of thought, and ultimately move towards innovative ideas, products and user journeys.

Penny Black specialises in creating strategic frameworks, concept development and platform ecosystems, to make user experience matter. Above all, we use UX to help companies become purpose-led through brand-orientated design. Our focus lies in the idea that play is the engine that powers education.