Brand strategy, positioning and ideated measurement index, app and accelerator program for the senior team at CGI UK. Workshop frameworks included: Four points, PESTEL and an introduction to trends, standards and perspectives on materiality reporting.

The MetroZero approach aims to help organisations reach net zero ambitions whilst positively transforming how people connect, work and live in metropolitan communities. MetroZero featured in CGI UK’s presentation at COP26.

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Penny Black is a transformation company.

Penny Black was established in 2009 to steer organisations toward environmental reform — to be better versed in the modern attitudes toward environmentalism and sustainability, and play a pivotal role in protecting and restoring the world's resources.

We take our name and inspiration from the Penny Black stamp of 1840, which was the first postage stamp with a uniform value. This stamp transformed the postal system and paved the way for reform on many levels. Some called it the stamp of change.

We believe that reform allows for organisations to be in constant shift, forever in “beta mode” — you are allowed to make mistakes to learn from them — to explore new avenues of thought, and ultimately move towards innovative ideas, products and user journeys.

Penny Black specialises in creating strategic frameworks, concept development and platform ecosystems, to make user experience matter. Above all, we use UX to help companies become purpose-led through brand-orientated design. Our focus lies in the idea that play is the engine that powers education.