Mountain Mavericks

Alpine family

Mountain Mavericks have been providing catered winter & summer sports holidays in the French town of Morzine for over a decade.  Together with a graphic designer, photographer and web developer, I lead the project through extensive user research - qualitative and quantitative to drive design decisions. A new brand strategy was created, before a redesign of the logo mark: a cleaner, more impactful version to differentiate from competitors in the valley. The website didn’t meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - a 60% accessibility score - and was not responsive across all platforms. So we redesigned it and improved the accessibility score from 60% to 95%. It is now responsive across all platforms and has reduced the number of clicks needed to access the required information by 80%.

Mountain Mavericks
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Brand Identity & System Design
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Penny Black is a sustainable transformation company.

The Penny Black stamp of 1840 was the first postage stamp with a uniform value, allowing for a massive communication uptake throughout the UK, and paving the way for reform on many levels. A stamp of change.

If decision makers create value for their organisation by picking the best available options, then these choices can be reformed, or redesigned, to be better suited for each project.

At Penny Black, established 2009, we know that everything about an organisation is designed. From marketing strategies and financial modelling, to supply chain logistics and human resources structures — everything must follow the process of ideation, design, realisation.

And while it might seem outside its standard province, all strategies have design characteristics. So if we are creating policies and plans by design, then we ought to be really good at designing them.